LG Electronics PB63U LED Projector–under $550!

The LG Electronics PB63U is an LED projector that is very good for people who need a portable projector. Small and light, it is easy to transport if you are on the move a lot. It has a variety of inputs and is very versatile. While it is not as bright or powerful as larger, […]

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BenQ W1070 Home Theater Projector


The best projector you can buy for under $1000.00 is the BenQ W1070 Home Theater Projector. It was also the top-selling home theater projector in the U.S in 2013! That is because this projector is loaded with high-end features despite its low price tag. The outstanding image and performance comes from the high-end DLP® Dark […]

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Samsung Galaxy

A Projector In Your Smartphone?

Will your next Smartphone have a built-in projector?  The ability of phones to project images just like a pico projector is closer than you think. Several big companies are exploring this option using computer chips and technology similar to that used in DLP projectors.  This new technology promises to be better than the Beam technology […]

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Cyber Monday Is Here!

  Cyber Monday is the day online retailers offer some of the best prices on hot, holiday favorites. If you are looking for a projector this holiday season you are in luck.  There are some great deals out there. Amazon is featuring two projectors this Cyber Monday. The first is the Optoma HD131Xe, HD (1080p), 2500 […]

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A Holiday Projector To WOW Your Neighbors!

Are you looking for a holiday projector that will make your home look great with just a little effort? Well read on to find the best holiday projector for your situation. A holiday projector can really make your home stand out during the holiday season, as long as the people passing by can see the […]

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The 3M MP 180 Portable Pocket Projector

Remember those complicated, clunky projectors of days gone by? No? Me neither. Well, it’s no wonder when the market place is now bombarded with easy to use, portable projectors, which can fit in your pocket. One of these babies has been released by 3M- the MP180 Portable Pocket Projector.    Order from Amazon You can […]

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How to Select a Projector for Your Classroom

I think having projectors in my present day classrooms have spoilt me terribly. I cannot fathom going back to the days of when I was a kid and the teachers scratched daily lessons with chalk on a black board (remember the chalk slipping on the board and making that awful screeching sound *shudder). So which […]

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3m mp225a mobile projector

3M MP225a mobile projector – for Apple lovers

By now you’ve probably realised I’m a big fan of portability. I simply adore doodads which can be carried around in my pocket or backpack. 3M’s MP225a Mobile Projector is one such device. It allows big screen viewing of content from Apple devices; connects to iPad‚ iPad 2‚ iPhone (all generations)‚ iPod Touch‚ iPod Nano […]

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nikon coolpix s1200pj with projector

Nikon Coolpix s1200PJ: Shoot to Project

The wonderful thing about being born in this era (besides indoor plumbing), is the vast technology available. Can you imagine a time without the internet, iPads, smart phones etc? Just the thought is enough to give me chills. It is astounding where our imagination has taken us. There are enough gadgets out there to satisfy […]

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microvision showwx hdmi laser pico projector

MicroVision PicoP gen 2 HD touch Interactive Projector: The future is here

As a child I remember being in total awe of “Star Trek – the Next Generation.” It wasn’t only that I had a huge crush on Wesley Crusher (don’t judge me – I was six and he was cute). I mean come on, there was an android with delusions of what it means to be […]

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