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epson powerlite home cinema 5010e 3D review

Dance away with the Epson PowerLite home cinema 5010e

I just finished watching Step Up Revolution and I must say these movies only seem to get better and better. Although none of the leads thus far have come close to making as big an impression as Channing Tatum (*sigh) from the original movie, they come really close. The beauty, elegance and energy in the […]

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epson powerlite 1761w projector quick review

Epson PowerLite 1761W multimedia projector – Making stories come alive

Recently I’ve found myself obsessed with Jane Austen’s books. Everything about the time period her books are set in holds me enthralled – the mannerism, language, clothes etc. I would go so far as to say that Austen is quite possibly the world’s best romance writer, even if she’s been gone for nearly two centuries. […]

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epson vs210 multimedia projector

Epson VS210 projector – the unconventional yet effective therapist?

When I am raging, my outlet is usually turning up the volume to max and singing my lungs out with Linkin Park (it’s either that or pummel something to pulp). I was just wondering how much more effective my self-devised, anger management therapy would be if I could watch them live. Well, seeing as that […]

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Want to view content in private? Check out the new Epson Moverio wearable gadget!

Some of us just want to be able to view content privately, even when we are in public places. After all, nobody enjoys the feeling when the guy next to them on the train keeps peeking at what they are doing on their phone or tablet. For those who dare to be different (and like […]

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The interactive projector of the future is here – No whiteboard needed

Do you know what an Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector is? A Short Throw projector can project a brilliant 80″ image from roughly 65cm away. That’s fabulous news for business owners who use projectors, school classrooms, new age University lecturers etc. No more eye blindness as the projector optics glare down at you while you […]

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How to get a grip on audience attention – The new high-def Epson PowerLite pro Z series projectors

The EPSON Pro Z Series projector series have arrived… Prepare to load your movies! As with the complete high-quality Epson projector range, you can expect the Pro Z’s to be easy to install and maintain, and do a wicked job of captivating anyone who happens to be within earshot of the presentation (or movie, lecture, […]

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DLP vs LCD projectors – which is right for you?

DLP vs LCD Projectors – Which Is Best? Homeowners looking for a high-resolution, excellent quality home entertainment kit will eventually find themselves inundated by conflicting suggestions to ‘buy LCD’ or ‘buy DLP’ projectors. True, depending on who you talk to, you will only hear good things about both projector technologies. To be honest however, both […]

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